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BASIX® & Thermal Comfort Certificates

At the BASIX® Certificate Centre we can provide you with a Thermal Comfort Certificate (Thermal Performance) by an ABSA approved assessor, complete and ready for submission with your BASIX® Certificate to council.  This is also referred to as the Simulation Method. (See how)

ABSA or Australian Building Sustainability Association represents building and design professionals who specialise in assessing the environmental impact of buildings. They use use sophisticated computer programs to analyse your building plans and can offer practical advice on cost-effective ways to improve its performance.

ABSA Assessors are specifically trained to ensure that your home meets the requirements of Council environmental regulation. This professional advice can save you time and money by eliminating any costly changes or delays caused by non-compliant plans. Accredited Assessors offer specialised skills. They've completed rigorous training and examination and are subject to regular auditing. They're backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance and meet ABSA requirements for quality assurance and continuing professional development.

ABSA Accreditation is the only nationally recognised standard for Assessor training and Quality Assurance which meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and the NSW Building Sustainability Index ( BASIX® ). In some states it is mandatory to use an Accredited Assessor to carry out Building Thermal Performance Assessments.

Plus, combined with our extensive knowledge of the Housing Industry we will provide you with suitable and practical solutions for your construction, meeting the current targets set by BASIX®.

Our assessor will calculate the Thermal Comfort simulations based on minimal construction costs, or tailored to suit your specific needs or wants.

Items considered could be:

  • Glazing

  • Wall insulation

  • Ceiling insulation

  • Shading from structures

  • Draft seals

  • External window shutters or screens

  • Construction methods of walls, floors, ceilings, eaves, window sizes etc.


What does a Thermal Comfort Certificate look like?

A Thermal Comfort Certificate for a new home will look like the following.


ABSA Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (Sample)

This is the current style of the Thermal Comfort Certificate, introduced by ABSA late 2012, and contains a unique ten digit certificate number. This new style now indicates the Nathers Star rating of the dwelling. All dwellings, townhouses, units and apartments will their own unique certificate.


An important fact to remember is that others may provide you with "soft-option" solutions that could cost you thousands of dollars during construction, but at the BASIX® Certificate Centre, we will always have your budget or specifications in mind.

What you need to do.

For us to provide you with the Thermal Comfort Certificate, we require the following information:

  • Set of drawings for the construction to be submitted to council.

  • DP number of the property

  • Lot & house number of the property

  • Most other information should be provided on the plan, and if further is required, we will contact you.

 You can either send this information by:

Our "turn-around" time from receipt of your plans to return to you by email in electronic format is currently 2 - 5 working days. Return by post can be arranged and additional fees apply. 

Costs associated with the preparation of the BASIX® Certificate will vary depending on the size and type of construction or your specific requirements. See FAQ

You can also email a copy of your plans and we will provide you with a fee proposal for your BASIX Certificate

For more information on this service, including a cost estimate or fee proposal, Contact Us.

Discounts are available if a BASIX® Certificate & Thermal Comfort Certificate are requested.

Remember, "Our solutions will save you money"

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