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About BASIX®

On 1st July 2004 the NSW Government implemented the Building Sustainability Index (commonly referred to as BASIX® - more info).

The BASIX® online index sets compulsory design standards for the whole of NSW with the purpose of reducing the use of potable water and to produce less greenhouse gas emissions.

Being consultants, we will provide you with a BASIX® Certificate (from $55.00), listing the BASIX® requirements for all new development applications associated with residential construction, such as:

  • Single Dwellings

  • Residential alterations & additions

  • Swimming pools & outdoor spas (40,000 litres & more)

  • Dual Occupancy dwellings

  • Granny Flats

  • Boarding Houses

  • Guest Houses

  • Hostels

  • Lodging Houses & Backpacker accommodation under 300m²

  • Villas

  • Town Houses

  • Low-rise, mid-rise & high rise developments

What is a BASIX® Certificate?

A BASIX® Certificate forms part of the documentation you will need to submit to council if you are applying for a Development Application for one of the above categories within NSW. The BASIX® Certificate or BASIX® (The Building Sustainability Index), is generated online using the website owned and maintained by the NSW Government, Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

The BASIX® Certificate comprises of three sections:

  • Water

  • Thermal Comfort

  • Energy

To achieve a pass for the BASIX® Certificate, there are specific targets or percentages that must be reached for Water (40) & Energy (50), which is for most areas and less for others, because it is based on local climate conditions and approximately 5 to 6 Stars for Thermal Comfort.

For the Thermal Comfort section of New Dwellings, BASIX® now allows options in order to pass:

  • DIY (Not for Multi-Dwellings)

  • Simulation Method (NatHERS)

At the BASIX® Certificate Centre, the majority of BASIX® Certificates will include the Simulation Method for new homes, because over the years we have found this method allows for a more accurate simulation of your home, taking into account many aspects of the design that are not possible in the DIY method.  And although this method can make the BASIX® Certificate more expensive, we have found in the majority of cases the additional expense is saved during construction because of the choices available in selecting materials and insulation.

BASIX® Certificates needed for more then one new dwelling, like Dual Occupancy, Duplex or Units, the Simulation Method is the only option available. 

Before we finalise the BASIX® Certificate, we provide our clients with a BASIX® Report, which is a draft copy of the BASIX® requirements.  It is at this time that we ask our clients to read through the commitments and let us know if any changes are required before we complete the BASIX® Certificate.

When the BASIX® Certificate is complete, the date plus the certificate number are shown on the front page of the BASIX® Certificate. You then have three months to submit the BASIX® Certificate to council, and if this time is exceeded, the BASIX® Certificate must be reissued.

Changes can be made to the BASIX® Certificate once certified, however fees can apply, and this is one of the reasons our office provides clients with the BASIX® Report.


How much does a BASIX® Certificate cost?

® Certificates from our office, ready for council submission, will range from:

  • BASIX® Certificate Swimming Pools & Spas ..............   $  55.00

  • BASIX® Certificate Alterations & Additions from .........   $  99.00

  • BASIX® Certificate New Homes from   .......................   $ 330.00

  • BASIX® Certificate Dual Occupancy, Multi Units etc ...   P.O.A.

          The above fees exclude the Government charges as outlined below.

For the majority of projects, we will provide a BASIX® Certificate Fee Proposal, free of charge.  This may only apply to BASIX® Certificates relating to Alterations, New Homes, and Multi Units.  BASIX® Certificates for Swimming Pools has a fixed base rate (more information).

Government charges from 1st July 2011 for BASIX® Certificates

On 1st July 2011 the NSW Department of Planning who maintain BASIX® introduced a fee of $50.00 for generating BASIX® Certificates, which applies to all new homes.  A fee will also apply for BASIX® Certificates relating to Multi-Unit developments and this is calculated on a sliding scale.


On the 30th September 2011 the introduction of a $25.00 fee for Alterations & Additions, plus Swimming Pools and Spas that require a BASIX® Certificate was also introduced by the department maintaining BASIX® .


It is important to note the BASIX® Reports (a draft copy of the BASIX® requirements) can be produced without a charge from the government. Government fees do not attract GST, however, as an ATO requirement, our costs must to include GST and may be refunded by the ATO to the end user.


The NCC or National Construction Code (formerly BCA or Building Code of Australia) is a set of codes produced and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board, referred to a ABCB. These codes set minimum national standards for health, safety, amenity and sustainability.  Thermal Performance is but one of the minimum standards within the NCC and in 2011 the minimum target for Thermal Performance was raised to 6 Star.

However, all States and Territories have yet to adopt this 6 Star minimum for Thermal Comfort, however New South Wales implemented this on 1st July 2017. For NSW, the Department of Planning and Infrastructure controls BASIX® and the implementation of the Star rating requirements.

With BASIX®, from 1st July 2017 the minimum thermal performance is approximately 5 to 6 Stars, and prior to the increase it was approximately 4.3 Stars. 

For more information go to the government website

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The services provided by Peter Waller and BASIX Certificate Centre are not in any way endorsed by or
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