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BASIX® Certificates

At the BASIX® Certificate Centre we can provide you with a BASIX® Certificate ready for council submission. (See how)

The cost of a BASIX® Certificate from our office will range from:

  • Swimming Pools & Spas ..............   $  55.00

  • Alterations & Additions from .........   $   99.00

  • New Homes from   .......................   $ 295.00

  • Dual Occupancy, Multi Units etc ...   P.O.A.

          The above fees exclude the Government costs as outlined below.

NB: As of the 1st July 2011, the NSW Department of Planning in charge of BASIX® will impose a cost for generating a BASIX® Certificate, which in general will be $50.00 new homes plus a reduced fee per dwelling for Multi Units.
Plus from 30th September 2011 the cost of $25.00 will apply to Alterations & Additions, plus Swimming Pools & Spas.
For more information go to the Government website for BASIX

Whether it's for a new home, alteration & addition, duplex, dual occupancy, granny flats, multi-units, or a swimming pool or spa .

The Certificate will be prepared by one of our experienced Assessors, taking into account all the necessary information to formulate this document and listing the BASIX® requirements.

For example:

  • Site area calculations

  • Roof area calculations, including living area computations

  • Landscaping areas, including garden & lawns

  • Stormwater disposal plus the use and positioning of a suitable rainwater tank

  • Swimming pool and outdoor spa consideration

  • Thermal Performance Certificate (See below)

  • Energy requirements, taking into account gas, solar hot water etc

Our Assessor will base the Certificate on minimal requirements as per the current BASIX® target figures, and will provide you with a practical cost effective solution.


What does a BASIX® Certificate look like?

A BASIX® Certificate for a new home will look like the following, and consist of approximately 6 pages.


Sample sourced from our online account at

Each page of the BASIX® Certificate will list vital information relating to your new home. 

The first page will include information like:

  • Project name

  • Site address

  • Council area

  • ABSA Assessor information

  • Thermal Comfort Certificate number & score

  • BASIX® Certificate number & date of issue

  • BASIX® score for Water, Thermal Comfort and Energy

The following pages of the BASIX® Certificate will list information relating to the Schedule of BASIX® commitments.  These are the commitments  for Water, Thermal Comfort and Energy.  Each page will itemise the requirements for your home that must be incorporated into the construction to achieve the required score or pass for each of these sections. 

These pages will indicate (with a green tick) whether the commitments are to be:

  • Shown on the DA plans

  • Shown on the CC/CDC plans and specifications

  • Checked by the Certifier

If you alter any item that has been shown on the BASIX® Certificate and you have not requested an alternation or new certificate, then the Private Certifier will not be able to issue a Final Occupation Certificate.  Therefore, it is always best to be sure that the commitments of the BASIX® Certificate meet your requirements before you have council approval, otherwise altering or issuing a new certificate after council approval could require the submission to council of a Section 96.

What you need to do.

For us to provide you with the BASIX® Certificate, we require the following information:

  • Set of drawings for the construction to be submitted to council.

  • DP number of the property

  • Lot & house number of the property

  • Most other information should be provided on the plan, and if further is required, we will contact you.

 You can either send this information by:

Our "turn-around" time from receipt of your plans to return to you by email in electronic format is currently 2 - 5 working days. Return by post can be arranged and additional fees apply. 

Costs associated with the preparation of the BASIX® Certificate will vary depending on the size and type of construction or your specific requirements. See FAQ

For more information on this service, including a cost estimate or fee proposal, Contact Us.

Remember, "Our solutions will save you money"

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