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BASIX® Certificate for Alterations & Additions

On the 1st October 2006, all new Development Applications in New South Wales for Alterations & Additions with a value of $100,000 or more had required a BASIX® Certificate. 

Then on 1st July 2007 the New South Wales Government lowered the threshold to $50,000.

This ensures that practical measures (e.g. insulation, glazing, shading, hot water systems and any relevant water and lighting fixtures) are included when renovation work is planned. The aim is to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and potable water consumption, as well as improve the thermal comfort of existing homes.

The BASIX® requirements for Alterations & Additions sets minimum efficiency standards for lighting and water fixtures and it may not be necessary to install a rainwater tank. However, if your work includes a Swimming Pool or outdoor spa, then a water tank will be required.

At the BASIX® Certificate Centre, we can provide you with the BASIX® Certificate for your Alterations & Additions from $99.00 (including GST), and for peace of mind to owners, designers and architects, our price will include consultation regarding the commitments our assessor has selected, with the possibility of alternatives if required.

NB: As of the 30th September 2011 the NSW Department of Planning will charge a fee of $25.00 for generating a BASIX® Certificate, and this will be additional to our price.

What does a BASIX® Certificate for Alterations & Additions look like?

A BASIX® Certificate for Alterations & Additions for a home will look like the following, and can consist of approximately 7 pages.


Front - Page 1

This page lists the project name, site address, council, certificate number, date and type of certificate.

Sample sourced from our online account at

The BASIX® Certificate will be prepared by one of our experienced Assessors, taking into account all the necessary information to formulate this document. 

For example:

  • Site details

  • Over shadowing

  • Construction methods

  • Orientation to North

  • Eaves and verandah requirements

  • Use of appropriate glazing possibilities

  • Use of appropriate external shading, eg. blinds, awnings, pergolas.

It is important to consider that unnecessary items such as over specifying glazing, external blinds and awnings etc will in most cases provide a Thermal pass for the BASIX® Certificate, but can greatly exceed our costs associated with producing the certificate.

The glazing component of the BASIX® Certificate is the most important and time consuming part, and our experience will give you the best results and cost effective solutions. 

For home owners with Alterations & Additions with a value less then $50,000 a BASIX® Certificate is not required. 

Minor developments such as garages, carports, verandahs, store-rooms, gazebos,  and awnings do not require a BASIX® Certificate.

Where heritage controls are in direct conflict with BASIX® commitments, the conflicting BASIX® commitments will be removed. No complete exemptions from BASIX® will be granted. The dwelling must be on a statutory heritage list or in a statutory heritage conservation area.  Applicants need to contact the BASIX® Help Line on 1300 650 908 for more information.

What you need to do.

For us to provide you with the BASIX® Certificate, we require the following information:

  • Set of drawings for the Alterations & Additions to be submitted to council.

  • DP number of the property

  • Lot & house number of the property

Most other information should be provided on the plan, and if further is required, we will contact you.

You can either send this information by:

Our "turn-around" time from receipt of your plans to return to you by email in electronic format is currently 1 - 3 working days. Return by post can be arranged and additional fees apply. 

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